Write a note on the making of indian constitution

There were members in the Indian Constituent Assembly. List of amendments of the Constitution of India Amendments Amendments are additions, variations or repeal of any part of the constitution by Parliament.

Constitution of India

This site is best viewed at X picture resolution. The Cabinet Mission, which arrived in India on 24 Marchheld prolonged discussions with Indian leaders. Worked till July 22, 1. This view is not totally correct as the British government conceded reluctantly and belatedly only partially the demands of the leaders of the national movement and tried to reduce the intensity of the movement as a last resort from time to time.

Ambedkar even informed midway through this round of sittings that assigned work would be finished within December Worked till August 25, Principal Committees and their sub-committees 2. It is the basic law which defines and delimits the main organs of government and their jurisdiction as well as the basic rights of the citizens.

On that day the written constitution of India came into operation. All the citizens are equal before the law. It declares India a sovereign state. Recommendations emanating from these sittings were duly forwarded to the Chairman of Assembly.

Individual members received it around November 6, and were given opportunity to propose amendments to these new changes. It recommended that call for amendments from members of Assembly may be issued.

It defines the distribution of power among various organs of the government. Secular Government The government under the Indian Constitution has to be secular. The leaders of the Congress had worked closely with the British institutions which helped them in understanding the role of various institutions in governing a country.

A leader misusing his power may send his security guards to beat up his neighbours for a personal reason or ask the police not to take action against a relative who has committed a crime.

Such members were humiliated on many occasions and Patel even told them to go to Pakistan. Muslim League members elected from United Provinces, Bihar and elsewhere came to occupy their seats after partition.ADVERTISEMENTS: Making of Indian Constitution! From onwards, various Acts were passed by the British Government for the governance of India.

ADVERTISEMENTS: None of them satisfied Indian aspirations as they were imposed by an alien rule. As early asMahatma Gandhi had put forward the demand that India’s political destiny.

The Constitution of India was the longest written consti­tution having the best elements of all the existing constitutions up to that date. The Constitution of India is the modern sacred text of the contemporary India.

Making of the Indian Constitution The struggle for freedom had helped in creating a consensus about the shape a democratic India would take after independence.

The Making of the Indian Constitution

There were differences of opinions among various leaders of the freedom struggle, but they were unanimous in making India into a democratic country. Write a brief note on the making of the Indian Constitution. Solution: The Indian Constitutional Assembly was convened in December The members of this Assembly were only Indians.

This Assembly started drafting the Constitution for Independent India. Dr. Ambedkar was the Chairman of the Constitution drafting.

Making of Indian Constitution

India is the sovereign power with a government of parliamentary system, socialist secular, democratic republic. This Republic is governed by the Constitution of India.

Making of the Indian Constitution: a simplified brief

/5(2). The process of making of the Indian Constitution began many decades before India got independence. The Constitution of India was first drafted by Motilal Nehru in The legislatures that the British had introduced were weak /5(68).

Write a note on the making of indian constitution
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