Thesis theme customize nav menu

Now that we have removed the default Thesis menu, we need to ask the waiter to prepare the next course — adding in our own custom menu. This is important because by doing so, you will be able to copy your custom code into future releases of the Thesis theme without having to change the path to all of your images.

Background Another problem I see with Thesis in Internet Explorer no I do not use IE is that it does not display the background color properly if you are using a different site background color or image.

I finally found a simple line of code that removes the underline.

Think of the menu area as the full width of the page stretching all the way from the left most side of the browser over to the right most side. The ribbon can be added many ways — complete simplicity is our goal here. With the definition of our function complete, we now want to open the function and close the function.

Also be sure to add the following code to your custom. Step 2 — Adding our custom menu hook In our case, we want our totally rad menu to be displayed below our header. The nav menu ribbon effect uses the same idea that a gradient or solid background color would use, the background property on the.

The small icon, the gear, will be used as a background image for each tab, and the anchor text — the link — for each tab will be indented to give the icon room to display without overlapping the text. Above is a sample of a default Thesis or WordPress navigation menu, styled entirely within the interface.

The image in this example used a GIF with transparency weighing just 3kb — a tiny image file that packs a big visual punch. When adding images within your code, be sure to utilize to define the path to your image. We follow the function declaration with the name of our new function.

Step 3 — Creating our custom function Now that you are ready to name your custom function after me, it is time to roll up our sleeves and grab the steak knife as we are into the main course.

Add Custom Header non-Flash If you simply want to add a graphical header to your Thesis theme, first develop the graphic and save in either. In order to open and close a function, you will use the opening and closing curly braces that look just like this: The left-most element being first is fairly self-explanatory; the right-most element being in the middle not so much.

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Remember the size of the image itself as you will need that information when modifying the custom. That would be like having a slice of chocolate cake without a glass of milk!

To get the look above, this code was entered into custom. First, we begin our new function with the word…wait for it… function.

The ribbon file used for this nav background was created in a very simple graphics program — Adobe Photoshop is nice, but not necessary.Thesis custom menu International Standard ISO Documentation, this difference mainly lies in the ways by which thesis custom menu prove the rightness of your claim.

For the novel, however a colloquium is held for doctorate degrees. DIYtheme’s Thesis Theme for WordPress is one of the best overall themes you can use in your WordPress applications. Thesis offers all the SEO elements you need, incredible design flexibility, and because it is completely CSS driven, a WordPress site running Thesis provides lightning-fast loading times.

Note that Thesis versions prior to gave you the choice of 2 menu systems: the Thesis nav menu and the WordPress nav menu.

In Thesis the Thesis Nav menu will be dropped so you are advised to move to the WordPress nav menu if. For example, if custom wish to change the default custom color to thesis, you would add the following declarations thesis this dissertation order.

CSS styling is applied through rules of specificity, and because declarations prepended with.

Customizing Thesis Theme For WordPress

add_action('thesis_hook_footer', 'thesis_nav_menu'); Custom Navigation Menu: Instead of duplicating the menu, create a customized menu to present a useful secondary navigation to the visitors.

All you need to do is to register the custom menu and thereafter add the desired items to the newly created menu. As a Thesis user, you get clean cross-browser CSS styling for both Thesis and WordPress default navigation menus. The Thesis admin interface gives you control over the fonts, font sizes, and a variety of colors and background colors.

Additional CSS styling of the default nav menus can make your menu even more unique, t.

Thesis theme customize nav menu
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