The classic greek tragedy in mystic river a film by clint eastwood

The two are still neighbors and related by marriage. Over the course of the film, Sean and his partner, Sergeant Whitey Powers, track down leads while Jimmy conducts his own investigation using his neighborhood connections.

Jimmy and his friends get Dave drunk at a local bar. The only problem is that Markum kills an innocent man. What Eastwood has accomplished in the film is the presentation of the lives of three Boston working-class men as determined by factors over which they seem to have no control.

Sean asks Jimmy if he has seen Dave, because he is wanted for questioning in another case, the murder of a known child molester.

At a town parade, Sean sees Jimmy, and mimics shooting him, to let Jimmy know he is watching. When Dave leaves the bar, the men follow him out. That popular art form became widespread during the late nineteenth century, as art became disseminated to a wider audience than ever before.

Sergeant Powers suspects Dave as a possible perpetrator because he was one of the last people to see Katie alive.

The workings of fate may be ironic and indirect but they exact their payment nonetheless. That night, Katie is murdered, and Dave comes home with an injured hand and blood on his clothes, which his wife Celeste helps him clean up.

John aimed the gun just to scare her but the gun went off by accident. Each in his own way is a victim of a rigid code of masculine honor that constricts their potential for achieving full humanity.

His semi-coherent ramblings allow us to see that he did kill someone that night: Once she was beaten, John shot her again, killing her. When Dave finally admits to killing Katie thinking he can escape with his life, Jimmy kills him and disposes of his body in the adjacent Mystic River.

Still, it is useful to call this fate. Certainly there have been some. The men hold Dave captive and sexually abuse him for four days, until he escapes. Boyle therefore finds himself drawn into the web of this murder as if by a magnet.

Jimmy goes to his wife, Annabeth, and confesses. His unconscious rage at his own violation overtakes him as he beats the pedophile senseless after freeing his victim. Markum and Devine are still haunted by their failure to stick by Boyle when the two men demanded that he enter their car.

The film, based upon the book by Dennis Lehane, explores the impact that the abduction and rape of a young boy by two pedophiles has on him and his two friends some twenty-five years later.Clint Eastwood won a Golden Coach for Mystic River at the Cannes Film Festival.

~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi in layers and conveys the tragedy of its story of Clint Eastwood's best 88%. Sep 15,  · Mystic River - Clint Eastwood Interview.

Mystic River - Clint Eastwood Interview Movieclips Classic Trailersviews. Mystic River Our movie maestro Thomas Wartenberg says that Clint Eastwood’s recent film Mystic River is a tragedy – but in the good sense of the word.

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Although tragedy is one of the classical genres of drama, it does not translate easily onto the silver screen. Many of today's novels, television shows, and movies have plots based on the classic Greek tragedy.

Mystic River, a film directed by Clint Eastwood, follows this formula in some respect but it would be note worthy to examine how it differs. Buy Mystic River: Read Movies & TV Reviews - From The Community.

Amazon Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood directs Sean Penn and Tim Robbins in Oscar-winning performances in this tale of a seemingly senseless murder. The quality of the image was really the film came, the film was was a.

Oct 08,  · Clint Eastwood's "Mystic River" is a dark, ominous brooding about a crime in the present that is emotionally linked to a crime in the past. It involves three boyhood friends in an Irish neighborhood of Boston, who were forever marked when one of them was captured by a child molester; as adults, their lives have settled into uneasy routines that are interrupted by the latest tragedy.4/4.

The classic greek tragedy in mystic river a film by clint eastwood
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