Talk4writing activities for senior

Building on best practice, this practical guide takes you step by step through how to establish quality written communication across the secondary curriculum. The Prep offers a wide variety of teacher-organised academic clubs during lunchtime and after school which are extremely popular. Watch this version for some inspiration: Create a life-size picture of the Gruffalo, using the description in the text.

Art Draw or paint your own imaginary creature. We use a lively and dynamic programme called Talk4Writing to achieve this. How are they feeling? Physical Education is specialist-taught and encourages pupils to develop their skills through a variety of sports. We offer a wide range of Mathematical experiences, including problem-solving strategies for mental calculations and a variety of formal and informal written methods, underpins each lesson.

Try it, it works! Science is taught by a specialist in the more senior years in order to make the most of our superb laboratory and computing facilities.

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The examples show the importance of respecting subject difference and of making the most of the disciplinary characteristics of texts within each subject. He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.

By establishing some consistent approaches across the curriculum, the learner can see how what they learn in one area can be transferred to support learning in another. Can you think of other words to describe the Gruffalo?

Art and Design and Technology, Drama and Musiceach subject with its own teaching space, are vital to the rich provision we offer.

Create a food chain using the animals in the story and shown in the pictures. Wide range of examples from all subject areas with a particular focus on science DVD of a training session with teachers showing Talk for Writing in action suitable to use on training days to help introduce and embed the approach Over 80 customisable handouts downloadable from the DVD Customisable Power Point slides to train all staff in the approach Thoroughly grounded in the principles of formative assessment, Talk for Writing if systematically applied across the curriculum really can turn secondary students into powerful communicators.

Look at each type of punctuation and explain why it has been used.

Years 3 - 6

How is it adapted to live in that place? Could you make your own animated version of The Gruffalo? What follows is an exceptionally well-informed and practical guide to how high quality talk can lead to high quality writing.

Use painting software to draw your own Gruffalo picture, or a picture of an imaginary creature. Add to basket Add to wishlist Description Talk for Writing, developed by Pie Corbett and supported by Julia Strong, is a proven approach to teaching writing that is engaging and motivating for students and teachers alike.The activities 35 Poetry, prose and playtime petitions 45 3 Impact and implications Feeling the effects 55 Summarising the outcomes Dispatches 68 Sally Rundell Former Senior Director Literacy, National Strategies Primary and member of the Writing is Primary steering group Preface Writing is Primary.

activities outside the classroom that influence the development of the individual child. The School places The curriculum is the means by which the School achieves its educational aims as outlined in the Senior School Departmental Development Plans (DDP) and Deputy Head Academic Objectives, and for the Primary Curriculum Policy.

Apr 28,  · Grandsire Senior commenter. For the older children I teach, I'm also quite sceptical of the supposed benefits of speaking/listening/drama activities. I have cut these out and the quality of writing is just as high, if not higher.

Little Red Riding Hood

My thoughts on Talk4Writing would get my post deleted and a message sent to me to remind me of. T:\years\Tests\\Test Prep\Persuasions\Sample text\Sample text NAPLAN — Literacy Sample texts for.

Use The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson in your lessons with our huge collection of cross-curricular teaching ideas and resources.

Activities: a collection of activities related to the story; Chants: a collection of spoken drill type activities; Actually I had used the play of little red riding hood in class and the result was really fantastic the children were really motivated and they started to participate in a wonderful way it was really unexpected even the ones.

Talk4writing activities for senior
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