Swot analysis and literature review of hsbc bank

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Despite rebranding relatively recentlythe HSBC brand has become well-established and is considered particularly valuable within the industry.

From our point of view, in a company that has reached such huge size and success, there is not much that can be improved, considering their financial performance.

Brand Name While it is certainly a global company, HSBC came late in the game to decide to execute a comprehensive marketing strategy and take advantage of the global brand. Weaknesses HSBC association with the small business sector has made it vulnerable to more risk, which could lead to profit shortfalls.

New Regulations The investors of HSBC have been warned that future profitability will be affected by the new global policies designed to make the sector Swot analysis and literature review of hsbc bank financial more secure, but smoothed the blow with the promise of increasing dividends.

Threats Trust in banks has decreased due to financial losses suffered by investors, who may be more inclined to invest elsewhere. The company may also have to change its reporting mechanisms and provide more evidence of its lending, banking, and investment practices.

Some weaknesses will take time and money to address. Before many of them did not even have a bank account. Changes involving organisations and individuals which directly affect your business These may open up completely new possibilities.

Because he had created so many different banks in different countries at different times over a period of one hundred years, which set them up with different names — Hong Kong Bank of Canada, the British Bank of the Middle East, etc. The HSBC has the largest network of any foreign bank in China and deeply understands the Chinese market and the customer.

Some residents of those countries in the past does not even own a bank account, but companies such as HSBC is ready to move in and benefit from the growing middle class in these areas. The banks spread in Asia, Europe and Africa helps in decreasing and also offers economies of scale.

The bank has a strong presence in emerging markets, putting it in a good position to take advantage of future growth in those economies. Capitalise on opportunities that play to your strengths The SWOT analysis may also suggest various strategic options.

Despite of the economic instability around the world hsbc is performing well, which will help in its future growth. A SWOT analysis should be the starting point for tackling underperformance in your business. In the Middle East banks are scared of entering, however hsbc has run its business there locally and has been rewarded for its efforts with many rewards and honours.

For example, new regulation increasing your costs or requiring product redesign. People save their money and borrow some from banks for buying new house but if a property is worth less than was borrowed to finance its purchase, there is little likelihood that the bank will recoup all its losses if owners default.

Poor financial management This may result in situations where: Strengths The bank is considered to be well capitalised, which means that it has been able to withstand economic volatility and some of the credit crises that impacted its competition.

The reason this happens is that it wins new customers and new global opportunities with each passing day. The level of capitalisation means that, going forward, the bank is unlikely to need to borrow from the UK government: HSBC received tens of thousands of email viruses nearly every day in the last one year.

The bank has established itself in a number of emerging markets over its competition, creating a strong position prior to other bank entrants. For example, it might be possible to turn a shortage of production capacity into rarity value for your product.

Be aware that strengths are not always what they seem Strengths may also be weaknesses. Changes involving organisations and individuals that directly affect your business These can have far-reaching effects.

The company has announced layoffs as part of some of its cost-cutting measures, which has furthered a negative opinion of the bank both with its retained talent and its stakeholder base.

For example, new materials, processes and cloud-based platforms. If a property is worth less than was borrowed to finance its purchase, there is little likelihood that the bank will recoup all its losses if owners default.

The broader business environment may shift in your favour This may be caused by: The bank is spending alot of money to prevent such viruses which can cause system wide damages. Being well-capitalised means that it will not have to rely on government assistance when these types of crises arise again.

Inefficient production, premises and plant can undermine any business Typical problems include: Hsbc bank strongly relates itself with small business investments, but due to current economic situation it has become more risky, so now it has to compromise the levels of activities in the areas of operations.

For example, technology that makes your products outdated or gives competitors an advantage. For example, market leaders are often complacent and bureaucratic. The spending power of the middle class people in these countries is increasing.

HSBC try to fix these problem years ago.

HSBC SWOT Analysis

Recently, it was also announced that HSBC is being investigated into possible foreign exchange trade market manipulation, which does not help its attempts to fix its reputation.SWOT analysis of HSBC STRENGTHS: Hsbc is one of the best well capitalised banks and that is why it is least affected by the recent economic events as compared to the others bank.

Analysis of Strategic Approaches of HSBC. Uploaded by. So I have also done a SWOT analysis of HSBC. And based on that, I have suggested some strategies that they can adopt, in the SWOT matrix.

CSR Activities of HSBC Bank Talent Hunt Programme for Special Children Centers for Disables Concern arranged a talent hunt program for.

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Research Aim 15 Significance of Study 16 CHAPTER 2 18 2. Literature Review 19 Importance of Human Resource Management in an Organization: 20 Case Analysis of HSBC Bank Words | 6 Pages This report also provides SWOT analysis of both banks i.e. HSBC and Barclays Bank Plc and provides an insight into their Banking.

Similar analysis has also been done for the competitors of HSBC belonging to the same category, sector or industry. Advertisements Browse marketing analysis of more brands and companies in the BrandGuide section which covers SWOT Analysis, USP, STP & Competition of more than brands from over 20 categories.

SWOT Analysis A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of the strategic planning process. Environmental factors.

Swot analysis and literature review of hsbc bank
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