Strategies for dealing with systems and structures which do not promotion of equality and diversity

It is necessary for Defence to understand and recognise the diversity of its current and future workforce and respond flexibly to the individual needs, life stages, culture and practice of its people.

In many regards, it lacks the perspectives and experiences of women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and those of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. When the diversity of Defence people reflects the broader Australian society, Defence will secure the trust and respect of the Australian community, Government, and the Defence workforce.

Enhancing capability through diversity will mean increasing the diversity and inclusion in Defence leadership as well as diversity and inclusion in its workforce overall.

A teacher has to identify the various needs of learners, through assessments and monitor their performance throughout the course. Other points of referral: To be an inclusive employer, Defence will acknowledge the different characteristics each person has, and appreciate and value these as qualities that can enhance productivity and our capability.

Discrimination, bullying and other issues have to be addressed. All learners are entitled to education according their needs, regardless of any difference. However having equal opportunity does not necessarily mean treating everyone the same at all times.

This understanding will enable Defence to build processes and policies that ensure greater through-career retention. Harnessing all available leadership talent and ensuring a mix of skills, perspectives and experience is critical to increasing capability.

Goal 3 Goal 3: Goal 1 Goal 1: To achieve this goal, Defence has identified objectives to address the employment needs of each of these identified priority groups. Defence must become a more flexible, adaptable and inclusive organisation to attract and retain talent in a competitive environment.

Theory Assignment 3 Inclusion, equality and diversity can be promoted by identifying the boundaries and barriers of students, which should be supervised till the end of the course. Defence will be successful when it continues to have the People Capability to deliver on its objectives and commitments and meet Government requirements.

Equality and Diversity Communications Strategy

Being accountable and contributing to Government diversity initiatives. Offer opportunities to apply their learning. Defence has identified the following diverse groups as requiring priority targeted attention for the period Capitalising on diversity of thought and experience provides powerful leverage to problem solve more effectively, make sound decisions and to innovate.

Having leadership accountable for driving and promoting diversity and inclusion. Defence utilises creative, targeted human resource solutions to achieve the numerous strategic capability benefits that diversity brings to all levels of the organisation. Success To achieve this goal, Defence will have recognised the diversity of its people and applies flexible and supportive approaches to workplace conditions and career pathways to enable access to, and the full employment of, the skills and experiences of every member of its workforce.

Incorporating diversity and inclusion into policies and practices where feasible. Defence needs to remain engaged with high-value people who choose to leave Defence and afford them every opportunity to return to the organisation.

Challenging traditional models of recruitment, progression, development, and retention. By implementing targeted human resource solutions, Defence has the opportunity to attract, recruit, retain, progress, and develop people from a broader range of diverse groups and to benefit from the energy, values, and perspectives that this broader talent pool can offer.

Learning challenges should be set appropriate to different pupils, promoting equality through different teaching methods. A teacher has to be aware of the different learning styles of each student and be patient, listen and help learners overcome their learning difficulties.

Goal 2 Goal 2: Inclusion is about creating a secure, accepting and motivating environment, where every student is valued thereby creating a foundation for good achievement for all students.

Robin J Ely and David A.

Explain how to Promote and support inclusion, equality and diversity with learners - PTLLS

Defence will more deliberately identify and develop strategic partnerships in the wider Australian community, including with cultural, educational and sporting organisations, to engage and attract a diverse range of talent.

Defence has a need to enhance capability through diversity and inclusion and can achieve this by being competitive for the best talent for a career in Defence and utilising this talent effectively.

When diversity and inclusion are embraced by an organisation as an asset to enhance learning and effectiveness, performance is enhanced.COMPETENCIES AND STRATEGIES Chapter Introductions, Summary and Discussion Questions Bahaudin G. Mujtaba Such differences in compensation can also be issues of diversity, equality, fairness, and the effective management of a firm’s human resources.

Overall, understanding information in this Workforce Diversity Management book will help. who share a protected characteristic and those that do not Advance equality of opportunity between persons who share 8 GOC Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for – The feedback from our consultation3 on this EDI strategy included three key themes.

promotion of equality and valuing of diversity 2. Understand the importance of promoting Use communication strategies to promote equality and diversity Analyse how own behaviour can impact on Recommend modifications to systems and structures which do not promote equality and diversity 5.

Be able to review own contribution to. Equality and Diversity Communications Strategy The Grimsby Institute Group is keen to explore the development of a two-way Communications Strategy. Evaluate the effectiveness of systems and processes in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility.

Having effective processes and systems within the council is crucial in ensuring the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion. Unit Equality and diversity. Uploaded by. Use communication strategies to promote equality and diversity There are many communication strategies that can be used to promote equality and diversity in various types of learners.

Recommend modifications to systems and structures that do not promote equality and diversity .

Strategies for dealing with systems and structures which do not promotion of equality and diversity
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