Religious innovation in africa collected essays on new religious movements

African farmers and hunters return from the forest with stories of encounters with either Sasabonsam himself or some of his cohorts, dwarfs who terrorize people to destroy them. Schism and Renewal in Africa.

The Church of the Lord Aladura. Continuity and Change in African Religion. A Political and Social Analysis. Essays in Honour of Harold W Turner. When African Christians read books on the Christian life as spiritual conflict, it is a short step to go from biblical demons to local witches.

Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. These churches deal with witchcraft in the context of activities of prophecy and spiritual warfare.

Blackwell, ; Grand Rapids: University College of Freetown, See, for instance, J. In this book Evangelist Mukendi of the Democratic Republic of Congo is said to tell his personal story of preconversion visits to the supernatural domains of witchcraft.

Debrunner, Witchcraft in Ghana, 2. Witches, it is believed, fly in the night and engage in mystical cannibalism. Mission Focus Publications,pp.

Natural explanations are apparent for many of the problems that people face. The mmoatia he has cut to pieces; he has caught Sasabonsam and twisted off its head. These all, according to Elias Bongmba, refer to the ability to do extraordinary things, but tfu discourse and practice involve a search for the cause of misfortune.

Witchcraft has become synonymous with demonology, a Christian reinterpretation of a traditional religious idea. Still, the phenomenon is not viewed neutrally; on the whole, its morally ambiguous status is weighted on the side of evil. Christian Missionary Enterprise in the Niger Delta. Harold Turner, who made the study of primal new religious movements a lifelong academic pursuit, lists belief in witchcraft as a key feature in the worldviews that gave rise to independent Christian, or, as he calls them, "prophet-healing" movements in non-Western societies.

Sasabonsam can also enter the bodies of other animals, making the African forest a place filled with mysterious powers. Africa World Press, Press,xvii, African Christians are not necessarily oblivious to the fact that certain problems are caused by people in authority and decision makers.

Walls and Wilbert R. As Stephen Ellis and Gerrie ter Haar write in Worlds of Power, belief in witchcraft is a commonplace, rather than an extraordinary or esoteric, feature of the spiritual beliefs that many Africans share.

These shortfalls are evident in the fact that, for the majority of those who have imbibed this gospel, poverty and sickness are everyday realities.

Holistic Imagery and Ethics in New Religious and Healing Movements

Aylward Shorter, who served as a missionary in Africa, states succinctly why witchcraft accusations thrive on the continent. Essays in Honour of Harold W. Pioneer of African Nationalism No amount of denial on the part of the church, Asamoa maintains, can eliminate belief in supernatural powers from the minds of African Christians.

For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places" Eph. Religion and Poverty in an Unequal World.Harold W.

Turner, Religious Innovation in Africa: Collected Essays on New Religious Movements (Boston: Hall, ). () See Kwame Bediako, Christianity in Africa: The Renewal of a Non-Western Religion (Edinburgh: Edinburgh Univ.

Press, ), Religious Movements and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Religious innovation in Africa : collected essays on new religious movements

Paper commissioned by the ACLS/SSRC Joint Committee on African Studies for presentation at the 28th annual meeting of the African Studies Association, NovemberNew Orleans.

MURRAY, "The Kikuyu Spirit churches", in Journal of Religion in Africa, 5, 3, (), Digitised by the University of Pretoria, Library Services, Zionists, Aladura and. Aechtner T. () Beliefs and Practices: The Prosperity Gospel and Holy Spirit Power.

In: Health, Wealth, and Power in an African Diaspora Church in Canada. Religion and Global Migrations. Mbon, Friday M. “A New Typology for Africa's New Religious Movements. H. W. Religious Innovation in Africa: Collected Essays on New Religious Movements. Boston, MA: G. K. Hall.

Images of Church and Mission in African Independent Churches.

Witchcraft accusations and Christianity in Africa.

Journal of Religion in Africa; Vol. 12, Fasc. 2, Journal of Religion in Africa. Vol. 12, Fasc. 2, Collected Essays on New Religious Movements by Harold W. Turner. Religious Innovation in Africa.

Collected Essays on New Religious Movements by Harold W. Turner.

Religious innovation in africa collected essays on new religious movements
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