Poverty alleviation pakistan essay

It has affected the living styles and progressions of people. Landlords do not labour on their land, rather they exploit peasants or tenants. But one problem that beset it is poverty.

The rate of literacy in Pakistan is quite low. In Pakistan, corruption is so deep rooted that people have surrendered to its existence and power. The ruling elite has come to term with the idea that child of poor is not born to acquire education and to contribute in national development.

With poor performance of human development indicators, the task of poverty reduction, equitable income distribution and delivery of public services is difficult. The main element of reforms are devolution of power at grass roots level, civil services reforms, access to justice and financial transparency.

Sixthly, in the present age, without sufficient energy, wheel cannot run on roads, industry and agriculture cannot sustain, hospitals and operation theatres cannot function, schools and laboratories cannot work and public and private sector business cannot operate.

Additionally, ethe tapping of natural resources must be done on a wide scale, but in a consistent and transparent manner.

Poverty Alleviation Strategy

They should be provided with free seed and fertilizer and must be charged after reaping of crop. Without governance reforms thee enormous tasks of reviving growth and reducing poverty cannot be addressed. National Economic development is central to success in poverty alleviation.

Load shedding of hours cannot pull the economy upwards. Such cultural values stop people from alleviating their poverty and hunger.

The principal reason why less than 20 percent of their population receives over 50 percent of the national income is that this 20 percent probably owns ad controls over 90 percent of the productive and financial resources, especially physical capital and land but also financial capital stock and bonds and human capital in the form of better education.

However, economic index, per capita income or energy consumption, is the most widely accepted unit of measuring poverty. The menace of corruption has to be controlled so that available resources do not go down the drain but are available for building opportunities.

It is a fact that Pakistan is facing numerous problems, the solution of which are indispensable for the sovereignty and survival of our beloved land.

Poverty in tis human dimension exists, when a child is down with a curable disease and the parents have to take a decision whether to take the child to a doctor and buy expensive medicines or purchase other essentials of daily use.Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan, Present Scenario and Future Strategies By, Dr.

Mohibul Haq Introduction This book is a collection of sixteen papers presented at a seminar on poverty alleviation organised by the Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad in. Pakistan. Consequently, poverty alleviation cannot be expected to occur simply as a trickle down effect of economic growth.

The employment generation capability of the economy per unit of investment has been declining due to growing capital intensity of the imported technologies, introduced in. Progressive alleviation of poverty in Pakistan Pakistan is a rich country in terms of natural resources which includes energy resources (like coal and gas), minerals and agriculture.

In spite of these vital resources, we are still lacking behind. Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan Poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere. It is a scrooge and one of the worst curses and miseries that a human can face. Essay on poverty reduction through ict in pakistan.

S personality the effects on poverty essay on health essays now, essays, and crime. Breaking news on illiteracy in applied linguistics by region and accepted essay about poverty essay.

Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan

Offer notes it; the caribbean. Cz Chicago: poverty. Poverty alleviation is imperative if a country is to attain prosperity, honour and self-reliance in comity of nations.

Pakistan’s economy is in a downward spiral. Inflation is rising, foreign reserves are plummeting and the government is in danger of defaulting on its foreign debt.

Poverty alleviation pakistan essay
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