Objectives of selecta ice cream

Given that there is already considerable effort in continuing to expand their saturation in these distribution areas, Selecta should go beyond these areas and start reaching out to people outside the malls and stores, specifically those willing to avail of ice cream but are in no position or have no intention of going to these distribution areas.

Furthermore, studies showed that per capita consumption of ice cream was less than a fourth of a gallon per person per year. Just want to inquire how we can sell your ice cream products in our store in Objectives of selecta ice cream, Batangas?

Selecta (dairy products)

My contact no is thank you! It is therefore proposed for Selecta to look into further innovating its distribution system to ensure their footing in the market. July 27, at 5: Common in all competitors is their aim to expand and develop their distribution systems to make their products more accessible.

The complete address and contact information is cited below. Presto — this brand claims value for money, as part of the corporate philosophy of the Gokongweis, owners of JG summit corp. Thus, the company is eyeing the possibility of plant capacity expansion and wider distribution network.

Marketing Strategies The proposed marketing campaign revolves around a new distribution channel: Kindly email me the details on how to avail this ice cream business.

The competition intends to step up their saturation in these outlets, as seen in the efforts of Magnolia and Arce to improve their accessibility. Magnolia is poised as the main competitor, as it aims to be at the forefront of the dairy industry.

If you want to become a distributor of Selecta products, keep reading. Padyak versions like those used in peddling frozen novelties can be used depending on the distance of the customer from the delivery stations.

Haagen-Dazs was the latest brand to come in. This is also a perfect choice of business because of the tropical climate in the Philippines.

February 16, at Manggahan Light Industrial Park A. Thank you, just send your responce to this email address pineradavid yahoo. Dreyers was the first to penetrate the local market. Hope for your immediate response. And as in most delivery systems, patrons can avail of sulit cards that enables you to avail of free ice cream products for every purchase of certain ice cream products.

Letecia D Viado March 12, at 1:SELECTA: Mixing the Right Ingredient for the Future I.


Brief Background Selecta was unknown and a dying brand when RFM Corporation bought it in a bid to contest Magnolia¡¦s monopoly of the Philippine ice cream market. Marketing Plan for Selecta Ice Cream Company Background Selecta Dairy Products, Inc. (Selecta) is the ice cream unit of food and beverage conglomerate Republic Flourmills.

Objectives for an Ice Cream Business

From todomestic ice cream market was million gallons worth approximately to 3 billion pesos per annum. 3. 86 percent of total ice cream industry sales are comprised of bulk ice cream, and the remaining are.

However, the milk business of Selecta (which is still operated by RFM) only uses this logo, because if Selecta's ice cream business started using that logo, it would become the second Unilever Heartbrand to not use the. May 11,  · Selecta sticks at the top of the ice cream market in-1 plus 1” jingle for the latest Selecta ice cream TV ad could well be a subtle reference to what the company, Unilever RFM Ice Cream Inc.

Company Background Selecta Dairy Products, Inc. (Selecta) is the ice cream unit of food and beverage conglomerate Republic Flourmills (RFM) Corporation.

Our Vision & Mission

It got its name from the Selecta Refreshment Parlor owned by Ramon Arce and his wife Dona Carmen, flocked not for its main American dishes but for its ice cream. Inthe parlor.

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Objectives of selecta ice cream
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