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Is Multiculturalism Positive Or Negative? Most immigrants are familiar with extreme struggle in Multiculturalism in the us essay home countries and commit themselves to hard work in this country. Certainly, any immigrant should be able to become a U. Unfortunately, there are those who routinely uplift themselves by subordinating people of color, non-Christians, women, LGBTQ, and low-income peoples.

U.S. Multiculturalism or Cultural Assimilation?

Do they deserve such treatment simply because they reject cultural assimilation? Surprisingly, Republican presidential candidates have debated whether or not people who are bilingual should even speak Spanish. Then they attempted to convert all Indigenous peoples to the Christian faith under Catholicism.

Even though the U. Multiculturalism or Cultural Assimilation? Today around 93 percent of U. Since the s, The America government has admitted, encouraged and supported cultural diversity.

In conclusion, multiculturalism is a good thing for society and people, so it is positive. Fair policies allowed all citizens to have the right to preserve their cultural inheritance.

They stereotype those who refuse to assimilate as culturally backward, inept, and void of the attributes needed to attain the middle-class "American Dream. Unfortunately, riding the prejudice polls to the Republican nomination for president also legitimizes bigotry nationwide.

No one likes to be told that their way of life is inferior to others because it makes them feel they are inadequate. When they arrive America, they must communicate with other people in English. Especially, following the development of the Internet and wireless communication technology, the distance from country to country and people to people has becomes closer, and the economies between regions and countries are connected more closely.

We need to enhance and develop multiculturalism in our lives. If we do not define U. Assimilation efforts have changed over the years, yet they remain colonial, oppressive, and in these ideas go against the freedoms that are supposed to be at the core of what it means to be "American.

They learn English and the culture from American people or earlier immigrants who are around them. Multiculturalism is diversity of two or more culture in some region or country.

We are understanding and learning from each other more easily than before. In my opinion, I agree with the second view, that multiculturalism is positive. In their public activity, they must accept American cultural traditions, but in their private lives, they inevitably use their own customs, values, religions, traditional festivals and experiences to influence their behaviors.

Kids growing up in this multicultural background are easy to accept Multiculturalism in the us essay views, values and behaviors of foreign countries. We can eat different cultural style foods. Internal colonies in the U. Some people think that multiculturalism is negative, whereas some others think that multiculturalism is positive.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Words such as these send the message that if one follows certain religious and other cultural traditions, then they should not be considered equal in the United States.

One has said that he would not feel comfortable putting "a Muslim in charge of this nation. While we would like politicians to refrain from utilizing stereotypes to slander whole groups of people, we do not need to look to anyone on either side of the political spectrum to define who will be accepted as an "American.

They come from different countries and different ethnic groups; they have different languages, educational backgrounds, customs, values and religions.that evolves around all of us.

In this essay, I will discuss the evolution of youth music ranging from early rock, to today’s hip hop stars, from a muliculturalistic point of view. Multiculturalism is “ a term identifying the presence of.

Among the most popular issues connected to the multiculturalism, one can find multiculturalism in America essay, its role in education, multicultural society, culture and politics, the advantages of multicultural society, etc.

After that, one has to conduct small research allowing to gather the necessary info. Multiculturalism is a controversial issue in America. Some people think that multiculturalism is negative, whereas some others think that multiculturalism is positive.

In my opinion, I agree with the second view, that multiculturalism is positive. Multiculturalism In the United States: Demographics, Diversity, & Divisions - Multiculturalism In the United States: Demographics, Diversity, & Divisions Introduction One of the most unique aspects of the United States is the diversity of its people.

Free Essay: Colleges and universities should emphasize the diverse culture we live in. This position can be validated through the passages written by Mike.

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