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As in previous editions, the book has been updated and it offers new discussions of, among others, In-N-Out Burger and Pret a Manger as possible antitheses of McDonaldization. Efficiency is something that is sought after by Mcdonalization thesis people, even without the shackles of McDonaldization.

The book also includes a wide range of theoretical perspectives — Marxian, Weberian, critical theory, postmodern theory — as well as a number of Mcdonalization thesis such as hyperconsumption, implosionsimulationand time and space to show the audience how sociological theory can be applied to everyday phenomena.

The local Mcdonalization thesis are able to manipulate their own situation in the world and become creative agents in what products and services are represented in their local environment within the glocalized world.

Go to any city, and you can find this familiar fast-food restaurant chain with the golden arches logo characterized by its quick and cheap food choices, packaging and service, not to forget the no-waiters concept. I liked it, but Mcdonalization thesis do not think I will get my own copy.

This is precisely why this book should be used more as a supplement rather than a substitute for Weber. De-McDonaldization[ edit ] Many corporations have been making an effort to deny the rationalization of McDonaldization.

The third and final paradigm to be surveyed views the interconnection between globalization and culture as a hybridization of cultures in the world. MertonErving GoffmanRichard M. Critical questions are raised throughout, and the reader is compelled not only to seek answers to these questions, but also to critically evaluate the questions as well as their answers.

The biggest change, however, is that the book has been streamlined to offer an even clearer articulation of the McDonaldization thesis. Workers in these organizations are judged by how fast they are instead of the quality of work they do.

However, this is still focused, perhaps too greatly, on the Western world as containing the cultural powers that are shaping the rest of the world.

It has been a pleasure working with him on this and related projects. McDonaldization involves an increase in efficiency, predictability, calculability and control through the substitution of non-human for human technology.

The movie and television industry works on this predictability by churning out sequels or using the same story lines. The Globalization of Nothing.


Therefore, schools will become less effective at educating children as they will fail to develop creative thinkers. However, viewing the interrelationship of globalization and culture as ever-evolving toward a monolithic global culture has its limitations and is open to critique.

Changes in the Labor Process under Monopoly Capitalism. The routine procedures and the elimination of any irrational domain like traditions, values and emotions is what forms the central theme of McDonaldization.

He explains the advantages and disadvantages of both "something" and "nothing" in The McDonaldization of Society.

George Ritzer

Where Max Weber used the model of the bureaucracy to represent the direction of this changing society, Ritzer sees the fast-food restaurant as having become a more representative contemporary paradigm. McDonaldization is a reconceptualization of rationalization, or moving from traditional to rational modes of thought, and scientific management.

Various online activities require the input of consumers such as Wikipedia entries, Facebook profiles, Twitter, Blog, Myspace, Amazon preferences, eBay auctions, Second Life, etc. Debord, Guy The Society of the Spectacle. Derrida, Jacques Writing and Difference.

The McDonaldization Thesis: Explorations and Extensions

New social theory is created due to the complex study and interpretation of other sociologists. Capitalism, Americanizationand McDonaldization are all parts of grobalization.

Edwards, Richard Contested Terrain: This point gets a brief address towards the end but in a way that feels neglectful and irresponsible.The McDonaldization of Society has 1, ratings and 94 reviews.

Jonathan-David said: I'm pretty sure Goodreads represents the rationalization of book re /5(94). Another example of this inefficient efficiency is the ATM machine, popular at many banks.

The McDonaldization of Society

The consumer has to fill out all of the paper work, enter in the deposit or withdrawal to the computer, and, on top of all this, pay for the privilege of being a bank teller.

From the Journal of American Culture, V. 6, No. 1,pp. – Reprinted by permission of the publisher. VISIONS OF SOCIETY: The Bureaucratization of Society 43 The McDonaldization of Society GEORGE RITZER The success of fast food chains is used by Ritzer as a metaphor for some general trends characterizing contemporary.

The McDonaldization thesis in its cultural version is a comparatively recent idea about the worldwide homogenization of cultures due to globalization.

[2] Contents. Thesis Statement. argumentative.

How to Rage Against the Dying of the Light? A Critique of Ritzer's McDonaldization Thesis.

An Analysis of George Ritzer's Book "The McDonaldization of Society" 2, words. 5 pages. An Analysis of the McDonaldization of Society by George Ritzer. words. 2 pages. George Ritzer's Book The McDonaldization of Society: A View of the Domination of the Fast Food.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | The “McDonaldization” of Society | Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland. His main areas of interest are the sociology work (Working: Conflict and.

Mcdonalization thesis
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