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They react to these glamorous, fast paced visuals on TV with their exciting music and their determined Marketing to children essay pitch.

Children are fascinated by TV advertisements. When they turn into buyers they are already oriented towards buying certain brands and kinds of products.

The intensity with which children experience desire and their inability to assign priorities and accept delays in satisfying them is the common experience of most parents. Advertisements that appeal directly to the child. Sixty five percent of children in the 8 to 15 years of age group felt they needed the products they saw on TV.

Their general knowledge also Marketing to children essay and they developed ability to differentiate between the different brands of the same product. TV messages have different meanings for children from different social segments. According to Nabankar Gupta the director of sales and marketing, Videocon, "The under 16 age group is extremely important for the consumer durable business as they are major influencers in deciding on the product as well as the brand.

Advertisements, Marketing to children essay short are ideally suited to the concentration, span of even young children. On the other hand, the child from a poor family class may be forced to acknowledge that the life styles of the affluent class are the only legitimate ones.

They will grow up watching certain brands and kinds of products on television. The ever expanding markets for goods and their unchallenged assault through advertisements are flooding the society with information and ideas, attitudes and imagery which is difficult to control and assimilate.

The children of non-TV age did not take advertisements seriously. The less advantaged children who are being urged to conform to the ways of a society and to a value system they can hardly comprehend. They enjoyed seeing their favourite models and sportsman in the advertisements and they expressed that they wanted to become like them.

This is affecting the young minds to a great extent especially when entertainment is interspersed with commercial messages. No more could adults entirely dictate the purchase of all the different kinds and brands of products.

For child viewer, TV advertising holds three types of appeal. On the average, children in Delhi watch 17 hours of TV every week which means that at least 50 percents of them watch significantly more than this average figure children spend more time in front of the small screen than on hobbies and other activities, including home work and meals.

Advertising to Children

She found moderate impact of TV advertisements on their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development as well as on relationship with their parents. Thus, of all the age groups, advertising especially of television has profound impact on children.

They are not buyers. This group includes advertisements for all products that are not of immediate relevance to the child including as cars, refrigerators, tyres, cooking, paints etc.

Sometimes it takes a form of emotional blackmail. When asked whether they liked them better than the programmes themselves, TV advertising for children is an investment for the future too.

Short essay on Advertisements and Children

Stimulated feelings of needs and desire tend to occur in the form of powerful imperatives. Adults may be able to develop a rational resistance to this onslaught, but children may not.

TV advertisements made the selected brands of food products popular with children of all income groups.

Seventy five percent of children said they loved watching advertisements on TV. Some of them understood the motive behind the TV advertisement. Children cannot be kept entirely out of such decision making.

This concerns not so much the quantum of planned purchase, but the occasional, repeat and impulsive purchases. They developed liking for a well decorated home by viewing TV advertisements.

The impact of advertising does not function in isolation but it is dependent upon a host of other factors like the nature of advertisement viewing behaviour, socio-economic status, consumer habits and tastes of individuals and their families and the degree and direction of their perceptions.

All children, irrespective of their economic or social status, are influenced by what they see and hear on TV, although the meanings and messages are understood and absorbed differently by children as they bring into their negotiation of TV information, their own experiences.

TV advertisements get repeated with such regularity that children learn them.Advertising to Children Dawn Korsick BUS Garlyn Lewis October 10, Advertising plays an important role in business and in society.

marketing to children

With advertising comes social and ethical responsibilities, this is especially important when advertising to children of all ages. Advertising to children has existed for a long time; however what has changed is the amount of advertising and the media through which it comes.

Today’s commercials are more sophisticated and pervasive, it is not that the products are good or bad, it is the notion of manipulating children to buy the product. Advertising to Children Essay 4 Words | 9 Pages. Brainwashing Advertising to Children Dawn Korsick BUS Garlyn Lewis October 10, Advertising plays an important role in business and in society.

With advertising comes social and ethical responsibilities, this is especially important when advertising to children of all ages. Investigation into the effects of key influences on children's consumer behaviour and brand knowledge to determine a new marketing strategy.

Executive summary This research aims to identify key influences that effect children's consumer behaviour and brand knowledge in relation to the children's cereal industry.

Marketing to Children 4 Introduction “The advertising industry spends $12 billion per year on ads targeted to children, bombarding young audiences with persuasive messages through media such as television and the Internet” (Dittmann, ). Food marketing is an extremely important aspect of business and has an important effect on the products consumers buy and the opinions they form about a particular brand.

One group that is particularly vulnerable to this form of marketing is children and adolescents.

Marketing to children essay
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