Kittens first full moon writing activities

Do you think Kitten is confused in the story? I can determine meaning from feelings or senses suggested by words or phrases in a poem. Making notes on sticky pads is my method of record keeping. Read the title of the story. Performance Task Writing Prompt Approximately 20 minutes Distribute the writing prompt and lined paper.

Distribute them one at a time, if needed. Last, I also try to remind the students to speak up. Remind them to use complete sentences and review any sentence frames used in the speaking and listening exercise, if needed.

Kitten's First Full Moon Lesson Plan

Tell them they will respond to a writing prompt and can use these graphic organizers along with their sketches while writing. To help the students organize their thoughts I made a graphic organizer for each group to have one.

So, I ask them to tell their partner one thing they learned and one thing they would like to learn. I am trying to become a facilitator instead of the one with all the answers because I think the students learn more when they discover things themselves.

Read it aloud and invite students to follow along as you read. I know this is not too professional, but it really works. But, since poems are new I try to keep it simple at first especially when we are determining the feelings or senses that the poem appeals to.

Kitten's First Full Moon

Remind them to use textual evidence and write in complete sentences. What part of the text makes you think this. Teachers can instruct students to turn and talk with a neighbor to discuss answers to each question.

Invite a few partners to share their sketches with the class. Make and show action word cards: Let students know the amount of time they have to respond to it. When the wind rattles the door, he lets it in to destroy his house.

If you have not used this strategy in the past, model for students how to sketch memorable points quickly from a text passage. What time of day do you think this story takes place? The kitten thinks the full moon looks like a saucer of milk. Now, just because they like it does not mean they are good at it!

The student reflection only takes about ten minutes. After two or three groups present Student Presentationand the class has given them feedback we move into the closure part of the lesson. Then distribute the other four questions that are written on the graphic organizers.

Encourage students to expand their thinking beyond literal responses. We will say things like I agree because the text uses the words poor kitten to describe how the author wants us to feel about the kitten.

To do so, show the sheet Visual Prompts for Literature Discussion on a document camera, reproduced on chart paper, in a handout, or on an interactive board.

The group will come to an agreement on what the text means and write it in the box. Invite some students to share their answers with the whole class.

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The kitten falls into the water because. The kitten became frightened because. Have the students interact with creative dramatics with the re-reading of the story. This time there is no chanting the goal, because we are already in the lounge. Then lead a classroom discussion using any of the questions from the previous speaking and listening activity and complete the Visual Prompts sheet with students.

Encourage students to use their sketches and graphic organizers that include responses to text-dependent questions to inform their writing. What else surprises Kitten?

Then have them engage with the text by working in partners to read sections of the text, sketch what is memorable, and share with their partners. When he gets to the moon, he finds it too big to carry home.

Review the answers to the questions from the speaking and listening exercise around text-dependent questions.Kitten’s First Full Moon. Writing Task Directions: Please respond to the prompt below in writing.

You may use your text and graphic organizers to help you. Write your response on the lined paper your teacher gives you or in your journal. Kids Wings Units for Kids Wings Activities for Kittens First Full Moon my Kevin Henkes, Caldecott Medal, cat, kitten, moon, phases of the moon, download unit, features integrated curriculum for elementary education, Literature Units for K to 4, interdisciplinary curriculum, gifted and talented curriculum.

Guided Reading Comprehension Kitten's First Full Moon Task Cards Activities - Here are 26 guided reading task cards for the literature book, Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes.

There are 12 reading comprehension task cards, 8 vocabulary cards, and 6 extension activity cards. A student response form and answer key are also provided. Kitten's First Full Moon.

Author: Kevin Henkes ISBN: If your student is enjoying using the mirror to reflect things, try this simple symmetry activity. Science- Cats Discuss kitten care and complete the Taking Care of Kittens mini book.

Science- Moon. Unit Writing Based On ResearchUnit Analyzing Illustrations in Literature (Kitten's First Full Moon Chart) We will say things like I agree because the text uses the words poor kitten to describe how the author wants us to feel about the kitten.

Kitten's First Full Moon has 20, ratings and 1, reviews. Ronyell said: I have been reading Kevin Henkes’ works ever since I was a child and every /5.

Kittens first full moon writing activities
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