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How can I submit my receipts? I have missed a payment because I forgot to send in my review information in time, what happens now?

Please fill out a new application with supporting court documents.

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Please retain your approval letter and or your cycle payment stubs. For more information please visit the Canada Revenue Agency www. My child is 6 and my spending is at the higher formulaire business plan amount, how to I apply? Level B funding My Child is 6 years old why am I not getting the higher grant amount automatically?

As long as you are already registered and active with the Program you just need to fill out the Level B form and return with your receipts. Payments that are received by direct deposit should be expected within the first 5 business days of your cycle.

Please contact the Program accountant to change your banking information at extension Other Languages What if my main language is not English? What if my child no longer requires the grant? Availability of products not offered in retail stores Greater formulaire business plan in sizing Consultants to assist with sizing and fit Discounts on volume purchases Free samples Assistance with managing invoices; yearly summaries Please ask the supplier you are contacting about the support they are able to offer you.

It is important that you notify OHIP and us whenever you change your address or last name. If you have private medical coverage some insurance plans will reimburse your additional costs not covered by the grant, you will need to call them to check your plan coverage.

If your payment is returned due to a change in address and you have not notified the program for one year the grant will be cancelled.

Original receipts can be returned upon request. Retroactive payments are not available for late applications. Submit your review form and receipts as soon as possible.

If you do not have your receipts save the next 4 months and submit at that time. Some have local stores and others offer online shopping and deliver to your home. If it is over a year since the review missed funds will not be able to be issued and you will need to reapply with 4 months of current receipts.

Payments will begin on the next cycle after an application has been approved. Remember for income tax purposes you can only claim receipts for expenditures that exceed the amount of your grant. Receipts not returned are destroyed after they are reviewed.

The payments are going to me, how do I change it to my spouse, grandparent, group home etc.? Reviews Do I need to keep my receipts for the review? What if I need to change my banking information? Be sure to keep all Incontinence Supplies Grant Program correspondence as your insurance company may ask you to send them information about monies received.

Original complete receipts can be mailed; receipts that are emailed or faxed must be legible and show the complete receipts including the date of purchase.

Below is a list of suppliers that have been used by families receiving the Incontinence Supplies Grant.

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Please contact the program to cancel the grant so that funding can be allocated to another family in need. If there is a change in who is to receive the payment, a change of payee form must be obtained from the program, filled out and returned before any changes can be made.

If something does not match, your payment will not be issued. Receipts not returned are destroyed after the application is reviewed.

You will be asked to produce your last 6 months of current receipts or photocopies of your receipts to confirm your grant. Some of the benefits offered may include: If you would like to receive services in French most of the written correspondence is provided in French.

If your expenses change at any time in the future you can apply for the increase formulaire business plan obtaining and submitting a Level B application.

Will I receive an income tax form from the program? No missed payments will be issued for the missed year. You must re-apply for funding and be approved prior to any payments being issued. If you have recently received a payment please return it to the program as payments are to purchase incontinence supplies for the 6 months following a payment.

It is not automatic. Benefits vary with each supplier.A plan administrator is the person or group of persons specified as the administrator by the instrument under which the plan is operated. 6 Entities applying to be a Qualified Intermediary (QI) need a QI-EIN even if they already have an EIN.

Payments that are received by mail should be expected within the first business days of your cycle. Payments that are received by direct deposit should be expected within the first 5 business days of your cycle.

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Formulaire business plan
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