Florence nightingale nursing theoretical works essay

They are, proper ventilation, adequate light, sufficient warmth, control of noise and control of odors. She was able to work into her eighties and died sleep at the age of 90 on August 13, The socio-economic situation infers that she had access toa good education and that she was not exposed to the hardships in life.

Nightingle had the opinion that environment Nightingale did not sight nursing as controlled merely to the management of medications and treatments but rather as familiarized toward providing fresh air, good sunlight, good hygiene, quiet and adequate nutrition would alter the environment to prevent disease.

Florence Nightingale provided basic concepts and propositions that could be supported and used for practice in nursing. The universality and timelessness of her concepts remain pertinent. Thus, it meets the criterion of generalizability. Warmth is important as it helps the body remain free from the stress caused by cold.

Nightingale continued to concentrate on army sanitation in India and health care of the poor in England. To address her audience of women who may provide care to another, the theory she proposed remains relevant.

We know that light is important to our patients and the absence of natural light can lead to delirium. She insisted upon patients having access to fresh air and natural sunlight. During her life, Nightingale devotes her energies to societal issues and causes in an attemp to create social changes.

For all of her efforts, she was a product of her upbringing. Her written word was strong and clear, thus, her beliefs, observations and desire for changes in health care, through this medium er work was successfully achieved. Through observation and data collection, the clients health status with environmental factors and initiated improved hygiene and sanitary conditions during the Crimean war.

Florence Nightingale Life and Her Contribution in Nursing

This makes it clear also, that she would have had some respect in the society in which she participated in.

Fresh ventilated air can decrease the amount of germs. The basis of this theory is the inter-relationship of a healthful environment with nursing. Nightingale manipulated the physical environment by using cleanliness, heat and proper plumbing.

Will Florence Nightingale be popular in the health care history? Nightingale returned to England and began to examine hospital facilities reformatories and charitable institution and became the superintendent of the hospital for invalid Gentlewomen in London.

One way that Nightingale manipulated this type was with the use of fresh flowers. She had amazing success with changing the hospital conditions in Crimea and establishing the nursing profession as a respectable one before becoming a recluse upon her return to England.

The relation concepts, nurse, patient, and environment are applicable in all nursing settings today.

Florence Nightingale Essay

To achieve her mission of provided nursing care. She needs to address the invironmental problems that existed, including the lack of sanitation and the presence of filth. It consist of the physical elements where the patient is being treated such as the bed, the linens, the floors and walls, and plumbing.

What happened if Florence Nightingale was born into parents who are poor? Her principles were visionary and encompass the areas of practice, research, and education.Florence Nightingale INTRODUCTION Nightingale is illustrious for her ground-breaking work in nursing.

She attended to injured soldiers throughout the time of Crimean War. She became well-known as the "Lady with the Lamp" due to her night shifts during the war time (Wellman ). Florence Nightingale: A Nursing Theorist. Many nursing theorists have contributed to the field of nursing.

Florence Nightingale was the first nursing theorist who developed the theory of Environmental Theory in Nursing.

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12 inin a town called Florence in Italy. Florence Nightingale and her contribution to nursing Essay; Florence Nightingale and her contribution to nursing Essay.

Essay Theory Exemplar of Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale was many things during her lifetime: nurse, researcher, statistician, social reformer, educator, and theorist.

Her contributions to nursing and society are numerous. Florence Nightingale has been referred to as the "mother of modern nursing" (Johnson & Webber, ).

Florence Nightingale’s environmental theory is a holistic approach to health care. The basis of this theory is the inter-relationship of a healthful environment with nursing.

Nightingale noticed that external influences and conditions can suppress, or contribute to disease or death. Essay on Florence Nightingale: Nursing Theoretical Works - Knowing nursing theoretical works helps nurses to contribute to the quality of holistic approach in nursing process. Nightingale’s theoretical work () Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What Is Not focused more on .

Florence nightingale nursing theoretical works essay
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