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Both Miguel and Brad hurl various racially based insults at one another. These relations are portrayed through numerous hilarious actions and comments that are not race sensitive, but definitely reflective of historic issues between the cultures and very funny.

The weeding day starts off as a disaster but they piece it together.

It also could survive without the obligatory family sporting-event sequence softball, this time and the broad stereotypes that drown the later scenes.

Brad and Miguel meet later that evening and discover that they will soon be in-laws. The two families actually have a laugh together when they realize how crazy things have become over the weeding. Most of this is the writing.

This would be the resolution that gregeichelberger seemed to miss. However, I do think it is important to understand that this film address issues between these two communities and makes a point to illustrate the issues in a blunt and realistic way, while being humorous at the same time.

Now that does not mean that this film cannot be enjoyed by White people, but this film concerns race relations between two cultures that have had issues over the years. The rest is on them. Lucia has also not told her parents that she recently dropped out of Columbia Law School to volunteer teach at a charter school catering to recent immigrants.

If you go see this film with you loved ones I think you will laugh, maybe even cry, but I think you will enjoy this film because it was well done. This is important because the jokes in the film are not simply random jokes. The director and co-writer Rick Famuyiwa does a convincing job of pushing him back into her arms.

I get the impression that gregeichelberger does not understand this fact nor appreciate how prevalent these issues are today.

However, with this film there is the added element of race relations between Latin and African American cultures. I guess to sum it up, this film will appeal to you if you are not African-American, Latino or aware of the issues between these two communities because it has humor and heart.

This leads Miguel to believe that she will be supporting Marcus as he volunteers as a doctor without pay. The racial barriers are strictly procedural.

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No movie needs Forest Whitaker being humped by a Viagra-crazed goat. Either way, please do not take his review as the gospel truth.OUR FAMILY WEDDING is a film you want to like; the actors, notably Mencia and Anjelah Johnson as Lucia’s younger sister, Isabella, bring their A-game, and the plot’s got loads of potential.

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Our Family Wedding (2010)

Lance Gross and America Ferrera, 'Our Family Wedding' Betsy Sharkey, Tribune Newspapers Instead of invitations, they should be sending out apologies for "Our Family Wedding," a cake and kisses. Mar 10,  · "Our Family Wedding" is a perfectly good idea for a comedy: A wedding between a Mexican-American woman and an African-American man leads to culture clash.

The film, unfortunately, deals with the situation at the level of a middling sitcom.

You almost miss the laugh track.2/5. Critic Reviews for Our Family Wedding All Critics (85) | Top Critics (27) | Fresh (11) | Rotten (74) | DVD (3) When a biracial couple (America Ferrera and Lance Gross) tell their families about their engagement, everything goes awry in this formulaic flick%.

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Our Family Wedding

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Film review on our family wedding
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