Essay dialogue between two friends

I think the plants and animals are likely to be extinct on account of increasing temperature. So, what should we do? We are polluting it indiscriminately. But the main way is to make the people aware of its harmful effect.

I agree with you. I am somewhat worried about environment pollution. We should take care of our environment. Mills and factories are polluting the environment through their toxic chemicals.

Farmers use fertilizers and pesticides for more production. The ice is melting and the water level of the sea is rising because of environmental pollution. How are you, friend? Ok, see you later. I am also fine. Environment pollution has become a great problem in our life. Besides, due to environmental pollution we are suffering from various kinds of diseases.

But these chemicals get mixed with pond and river water. I am fine and you? A dialouge between two friends About environment pollution Sujon: But why do you look so worried?

My friend, I have to go now. They throw their waste here and there. Where are you going? People are not aware of it. The consequence of environmental pollution is an issue that troubles us economically, physically and everyday of our lives.

But we cannot live without cooking food. Too much vehicles are polluting the air by smoke and fumes. Besides, the increase of world temperature is the result of environment pollution. What is your idea about it? Young writers, author, and teachers are most welcome to Submit Your Writing for Publishing Assistance.

You are most welcome. But how can we prevent environment from being polluted? But we can lessen it. But what are you thinking about its consequences?

You can also read more: But, we should be conscious of it. In most cases, we are not aware of the importance of environment. I am going to the mayor for requesting him to take necessary steps against environment pollution.

This polluted environment causes much harm to us. It is being polluted day by day. I am also fine. These are also responsible for pollution. Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems the world faces today.

Thank you for this important discussion.Informal conversation between two friends Jane and Wendy are good friends and are having a conversation about their weekend plans. The two are planning how to spend their weekend and debating how best to go about it. Informal Conversation Between Two Friends (Example) October 6, by admin Essay Samples, Free essay sample on the.

Read: Write a dialogue between two friends about the cause, effect and possible suggestion of remedy for drug addiction. Karim: I am also fine. But why do you look so worried?

Free dialogue between friends papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. The following words are common and Dialogue Essay - Ron was Unhappy - Strategic Use of Dialogue in Euripides' Medea Euripides employs the technique of dialogue between two solo actors on stage throughout Medea to dramatize the core values underlying these.

Write a dialogue between two friends on the choice of career. Sujon: Hello Jamia, how are you? Jamia: Fine, thank you. And how about you? spoken-method paragraph essay application letter dialogue story writing report summary writing rearrange email-writing Autosuggestion ┬ęCOPYRIGHT - All RIGHTS RESERVED.

Write a dialogue between two friends to improve English fluency. However, you normally go through the same motions to do a written assignment that involves answering an essay question, and a written assignment that asks you to create a dialogue between two people.

Dialogue Between Two Friends Who Met After Long Time. Details. 5. write a dialogue between a customer and a salesman in a shoe shop. spoken-method paragraph essay application letter dialogue story writing report summary writing rearrange email-writing Autosuggestion ┬ęCOPYRIGHT - All RIGHTS RESERVED.

Essay dialogue between two friends
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