Educational system in nigeria essay

Low Level Of Education In Nigeria: Causes And Solution

Under successive military governments during the s and s, however, this sparkling reputation steadily tarnished. There is a relationship between corruption and lack of concern for student services In Nigeria today, there is no concern for students.

First, there should be adequate funding of the education sector. Nigerian enrollments in U. Patterns in the structure of university expenditures have improved steadily during the last decade. A number of universities accept applications for post-UTME admissions screening from students that that did not get into their universities of choice.

This was the case for both private and public secondary schools. Although rankings are a notoriously poor proxy for university quality, they do provide the best relative guide available. Some Nigerian returnees are indeed educational drop-outs while they were in overseas. Due to insufficient funding sometimes snf corruption, education has become a major business.

Accreditation is granted for an initial three-year period and subsequent five-year periods. Technical education is substantially neglected by policymakers and oriented to the teaching of traditional hand skills that are often divorced from labor market requirements. One result is that little attention is given to institutional operations in terms of graduate and research output.

And democracy, it has been argued, thrives on the productivity of its diverse constituency - a productivity fostered by free, critical, and creative thought on issues of common interest.

It could be noted that some of the pioneering owners of the ultra-private schools were former high level public servants.

Importance of Education in the Modern World

Politics with bitterness, politics with selfish purpose, politics of moneybags and not ideologyand politic of Sharia, and politics of ethnicity and division colored with political assassinations tend to defeat the purpose of the struggles to chase the military out of politics.

The present government has aggressively addressed these identified problems through a series of policy changes.

Education System in Nigeria

As per UIS, 4, Nigerians were studying in Malaysia inmaking the country the fourth most popular destination country of Nigerian students.

The new NUC classification system and a number of common grading scale variations are outlined below, but classification systems and grading scales may vary greatly from institution to institution.

However, efforts to expand enrollments and improve educational quality are severely constrained by growing shortages of qualified academic staff. As these schools cropped up in every part of the country, public schools began to suffer from lack of maintenance.

The Master of Philosophy is a short, advanced research degree. English, Mathematics, Nigerian language, basic science and technology, religion and national values, and cultural and creative arts, Arabic language optional.

Internal factors include strikes, lack of employee motivation, and weak accountability for educational performance. Therefore, anyone who returns to Nigeria to play politics must be willing to dine with the devil, otherwise, the person would not get anywhere. It is argued here that the educational sector is as corrupt as the public and private sectors.

El-Khawas goes on to posit the use of four categories for assessing responsiveness: The looting involved educational policymakers, bureaucrats in various educational ministries, and school officials responsible for administering the schools primary and secondary schools and universities.

These conditions seem to prevail in Nigeria.Sep 10,  · Nigeria Educational System is not as described above.

UK Education System

I wonder where the writer came about his response. Nigerian teachers are qualified Resolved. is a relationship between the prevailing culture of corruption, exploitation, and lack of moral consideration in the educational sector and the culture of corruption, exploitation, and lack of moral consideration in the political system.

In this lesson, you'll learn what makes a piece of writing a narrative. Examples are also given to illustrate the specific types of narrative writing. Low Level Of Education In Nigeria: Causes And Solution By: Bakare Kabirat Abiodun The Nigerian education system which produced world renowned scholars in the past has now become a shadow of itself.

The organization of educational planning in Nigeria The educational systems of the southern regions of Nigeria were in considerably more advanced than that of Northern Nigeria, but for Our purposes. Education in Nigeria is the shared responsibility of the federal, state and local governments.

The Federal Ministry of Education plays a dominant role in regulating the education sector, engaging in policy formation and ensuring quality control.

Educational system in nigeria essay
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