Coca cola consumer behaviour

Moreover, the international ad campaigns of Coca-Cola, such as its recent ads for Rio Olympic Games, are effective in narrowing the socio-cultural differences within different markets of Coca-Cola Coca-Cola.

Although the company is a manufacture of beverage, it business has penetrated in every walk of life. The perception is enhanced by its repeated exposures over and over again through its ads in different ads, media, and places. Senses delivered by enterprises result in the selective attention of customers.

Beside the effects of famous brand Coca-Cola has built, the company has continued to deliver its brand value to customers in both psychological and sociological. It was sold as a medicine because of the belief that carbonated water was good for health and also for the reason that it could cure many diseases.

Buying, having, and being. The color red in white is striking, expressing the brand promotion of passion, active lifestyle. The international brand Coca-Cola, the biggest soft drinks and beverage company in the world, is very successful in producing effects on consumer behaviors.

Attitudes toward a brand are the results of psychological perception and memory. Tastes of Coca-Cola carbonated drinks with unique formula to produce are unique for customers. Coca-Cola puts its ads in movies, puts lyrics in bottles, and provides sponsorships for sports Coca-Cola. However, eastern countries, including China, Japan, Korea, are less accessible for cola drinks.

The brand of Coca-Cola itself is a symbol of taste. Conclusion Over last few years, the image of the brand of Coca Cola has been consistent with regard to its target market. It is a brand of love and happiness. More choices can weaken the influences from socio-cultural differences.

For customers in different age and different countries and regions, they can choose their preferred product category. These senses and information finally create sensation and perception in the mind of customers.

How Coca-Cola influence Customer Behavior?

The target segment for Coca Cola was the youth segment in the initial days of its launch. People have now formed natural connections with this brand and they consider it now as a brand of happiness. In fact, as the largest beverage company, Coca-Cola has the largest sales in both sparkling and still beverages Coca-Cola.

How Coca-Cola influence Customer Behavior?

Consumer Behavior Coca Cola

Coca Cola is among the best known and the most admired trademarks of the world. With its recognizable brand image, brand associations are created in the process of learning and memory Solomon, Sensation and perception create basic acceptation of a brand, and learning and memory enhanced the acceptance.

Sociological Influence While customers decide whether to buy a brand, or a product, and whether the brand worth a repeatedly purchase, their attitudes and decision making is very important. People consume Coca Cola when they want to share small moments of happiness, love and joy.

Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable and well-known brand in the word. In addition, Coca-Cola continues to innovate its beverages to offer more choices to customers Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola Consumer Insights

The strong contrast colors in Coca-Cola brand image convey impressive brand identity to customers. For another, for western countries like the USA, the traditional eating habit of fast food makes people familiar with cola drinks.

The product Coca Cola which was once treated as a medicine was later transformed into a brand image about which people thought that it is a product which signifies happiness and love. The association of Coca Cola with Coke Studio and share a coke campaign has also given it a different taste.

And people have raised their concerns on healthy diet, the carbonated drink is regarded as high in fats and sugars Thogersen,et al. It has been argued by the health experts that consumption of Coca Cola in large quantities promotes lifestyle diseases and also child obesity.

It indicates the brand would get higher exposures to the world Coca-Cola. Consumer Criticism However, despite such a perception by the people and behavior of the consumers towards the Coca Cola brand, the people around the world also have shown a lot of criticism against this brand.Coca-Cola's market position determines consumer's expectations of the product as communicated by The Colour Red Coca-Cola Changes their.

Apr 30,  · Coca-Cola customers make high involvement and high habituation decisions when purchasing Coke products. As a result, customers develop a loyalty to the brand and what it means to them.

For example, customers were outraged over the “new Coke” released in The original Coca-Cola evoked feelings of nostalgia that. Jul 30,  · How Coca-Cola influence Customer Behavior? Beside the effects of famous brand Coca-Cola has built, the company has continued to deliver its brand value to customers in both psychological and sociological.

Consumer Behavior of Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Consumer Insights Who buys Coca-Cola? Coca-Cola consumers are generally median income, Caucasian, and senior age. Coca-Cola consumers are more likely to purchase Coca-Cola during larger pantry stocking trips.

Coca-Cola Consumer Decision Making Process The Consumer decision- making process involves all the steps for making a purchase, from the first thinking about the product through all the way of buying it and after.

Three key consumer aspects have been carefully selected from Jiang () as explained in the Consumer Behaviour Lectures; the following aspect of the consumer behaviour may have influenced the continuous purchase of coca-cola products despite the economic downturn- the buying process, Attitude formation and Motivation.

Coca cola consumer behaviour
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