Bus l3 u1 assignment brief

P4 In this part of the assignment I will be explaining how transport companies can influence visitor numbers London, England Popularity and appeal: In peak times, the train will either hardly stop at stations or not at all. Another recommendation is that people should be able to top up their oyster card via online, which will be a flexible option as people could do this from their home.

In there were This will be appealing for tourists, as it is more cost effective. Finally, I will evaluate the contribution of passenger transport to the popularity and appeal in a specific destination, making recommendations for improvements. Students at University should get a discounted rate as only students up to 18 years old can have an oyster card which charges less, although college is free till 19 years old.

Cardiff also have a train line which goes from the central station to the Valleys and Vale of Glamorgan which is ideal for people who want a day away from the city and into a rural area. Infrastructure London is an ideal place for inbound tourists to visit, because City airport is located in the right place, making it easy for people to get to their hotels.

Activity participation Tourists both inbound and domestic spend many days or just a single day in watching or participating in the London marathon, visiting tourist attractions, attending a medical trial, visiting friends and family, watch a show in the theatre or other things to do in London.

Many people visit London because of the tourist attractions, the history and cultural of the city and that is one of the top ten cities to visit.

Inmany inbound tourists visited the Tate modern and the imperial war museum. The barrier will be open after a music concert, sporting event or other events.

U.S. Army Enlisted Record Brief (ERB): What are the new Army ERB codes added?

For people travelling from the USA, there is also first class for people to travel in style and comfort for arrival into London. In Paris, their metro system is all computer and mechanical operated and it is a proven way of improving train times, safety of travelers and drivers.

Sport tourists also visit the capital for many events, such as the Olympics inLondon marathons, football matches and other sporting events. British Airways have two classes for the inbound and domestic which are economy and business class.

Some people may visit London for the visit. In the same year there were 13 million day trippers. The infrastructure also involves the escalators and barriers, which local tourists understand what escalators to use and which side of the station of the barriers people need to use to get in and out of the station.

Other visitors to London consist of business Bus l3 u1 assignment brief going to an important meeting, or visiting another branch of the companypeople attending for medical purposes many top children hospitals are situated within the capital and just for leisure purposes shopping, going out for a meal or going to see a theatre show Some people may visit London for the open green spaces and the events they have on offer such as the British Summer Time festival and winter wonderland in Hyde park or LoveBox festival in Victoria Park Duration of stays Some visitors may only spend a night in London if they have a business meeting or hospital appointment and have to travel a long distance via public transport, but some stays can last up to a few months depending on the reason.

Domestic visitors can get to the capital by train, bus, ferry and river bus. Some of the train stations are disabled friendly as they have lifts as well as stairs for the wheelchairs and people who can not walk far.

Inbound and domestic visitors can fly into City airport as it 49 minutes away from Central London via taxi. Also in the same month there was data collected saying there were 26 thousand American tourists visiting the capital of Wales.

As many business travelers do not have time in the morning to queue and then top up the oyster cards before the journey to work. I will then compare the effectiveness of passenger transport provision for two cities in the UK.When submitting evidence for assessment, each learner must sign a declaration confirming that the work is their own.

You may use this form, or incorporate a learner declaration into an Assignment Brief front sheet. Scheme of work BTEC National Business Unit 1 The business environment Sample assignment brief Task Assessment P1 PLTS RL. g. al s 1 nt 6 Week Outcome Content Learner activity Resources Assessment and PLTS Stretch and support _u1_sow Author: Deleted User Subject.

U1-C2-L3 The Army Reserve Components 11 Unit 2 - Leadership Theory and Application Chapter 6: Leadership Principles U2-C6-L1 Power Bases and Influence • by writing a brief summary of the relationship between the branches of the Active Army.

CTECH L3 Business U1 M1 Writing Framework - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Use this to help write your assignment. I have written assignment briefs for the QCF unit 1 as we are still using this spec this year in our school.

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Bus l3 u1 assignment brief
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