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Also the application of social conventions and rules are comic situation because these regulations and applied automatically, mechanically.

There are three main directions in which our imagination is oriented to produce comic effects, three general laws: Laughter is caused by an accidental situation, caused by a movement.

Life is defined by Bergson a perpetual movement, it is characterized by flexibility and agility. Humans tend to laugh when they see the effect of a machine within the human body. However, there is a central cause of the comic, and all comic situations are derived from it.

His ambition is also to have a better knowledge of society, of the functioning of human imagination and of collective imagination, but also of art and life. However the body tends to rigidify itself, and it produces a comic effect: We also laugh when someone imitates somebody else, because to imitate somebody, the imitator reproduces the most mechanical, the most unconscious movements and gestures of the person.

Bergson, Le RireWikisource. This central cause is mechanism applied to life, and all comic effects are articulated around this cause by our imagination. For Bergson, this explains also why, as Pascal had noted, when we see two faces that look like very much, we find it comic, while the faces alone are not comic.

Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic

This is also the case with the parody of an activity. The source of the comic is the presence of a rigidity in life. He takes the example of a man falling down in the street in front of passers-by.

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In the preface written in to replace the initial foreword, Bergson explains that his method is entirely new because it consists in determining the process of the comic instead of analyzing the effects of the comic. In addition, when we make fun of somebody for one of his vices, it is because the individual is unaware of his own vice while we are aware of it.

Comic situations, such as that of a falling man, are situations where movement is not flexible. He takes the example of clothes: He also added a list of works and studies about laughter and the comic. He recalls that to look for a unique method of the comic does not make sense.

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Laughter is a collection of three essays by French philosopher Henri Bergson, first published in It was written in French, the original title is Le sur la signification du comique ("Laughter, an essay on the meaning of the comic").

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Book comic dover essay laughter meaning philosophy western
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