Aggressive behavior equals many rewards in the story of a young basketball player

'Hypermasculine' attitude in sports may lead to aggression in teenage relationships

The researchers found that boys reported being involved in some type of relationship abuse. But he has previously examined the role of sports participation and competitive attitudes on acceptance of dating violence in teens.

The team that is leading is more likely to get a foul call. The boys were asked about their participation in high school sports, including basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, baseball, tennis, golf, swimming, cross-country or track and field.

In past research, McCauley has also studied the Coaching Boys into Men program, created by the organization Futures Without Violence to engage men and boys in the prevention of violence against women and girls. Anderson, a visiting assistant professor of business economics at Kelley-Indianapolis.

Illinois, a team known for its aggressive defensive play, was whistled for the first seven fouls. We thought that this was going be a very small effect. The professors believe their results match up well with the observed behavior of basketball teams over the last 25 years, when play became increasingly aggressive.

While the study focuses on the sport of basketball, Anderson believes his findings also have applications in management settings. When the foul differential is as high as five, then that probability rises to 69 percent.

To avoid the effect of trailing teams intentionally fouling at the ends of games, only foul calls in the first half were included. A total of 1, male high school athletes who indicated they had been in at least one relationship with a girl for more than one week were included in the analysis.

Anderson and Pierce set out to measure officials "fairness" by examining the number and timing of fouls called during games. By the end of the game, Louisville was called for one more foul than Illinois, which they called a "dramatic turnaround. When the home team is leading, the probability of the next foul being called on them is about 6.

The probability of a foul being called on the visiting team was 7 percent higher than on the home team. They looked at regular season games, 30 neutral-court conference tournament games and 63 neutral-court NCAA tournament games.

The larger the foul differential between two teams, the greater the likelihood that the next call will be made against the team with fewer fouls. They analyzed data from 16 Northern California high schools that had participated in surveys for another study. To reduce the level of aggression, Anderson and Pierce say, the NCAA needs to enact policies and change rules that would reward teams for less physical play.

Five of the next six fouls were called against Louisville. You never want to be the less aggressive team. Coaches present the program to student-athletes throughout the season, McCauley said. Overall, boys who played both football and basketball were twice as likely to have abused their dating partners as the other boys, while boys who only played football were about 50 percent more likely to have abused their partners.

Recent research suggests that one in three youth experience physical, psychological or sexual violence in romantic relationships, McCauley and her coauthors note in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

The researchers also observed this trend when they looked at neutral-court games. They were also asked if they had physically, verbally or sexually abused their dating partners during the previous three months.

Researchers say the "hypermasculine" attitudes encouraged in some sports may foster aggression off the field, but the locker room can also be a place to teach boys about healthy relationships and avoiding violence.

In the introduction to their article, he and Pierce cite as an example a Final Four semi-final game between the University of Illinois and the University of Louisville. When the researchers compared the survey answers about gender attitudes and rates of relationship abuse among athletes in different sports, they found "boys who had hypermasculine attitudes were three times more likely to have recently abused their female dating partners," McCauley said.

For example, when a home team has three or more fouls than the visiting team, the probability that the next foul call is made against the visiting team is more than 60 percent. While the NCAA has called for a reduction in such physical play, the authors believe that the underlying problems may be greater than the organization appreciates.

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Aggressive Behavior Equals Many Rewards

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Dysfunctionally Aggressive Play - Visitors In basketball;Faults,et. victim acts in a way to cause the aggressive behavior. direct aggression. overt and typically physical; punching, hitting, inflicting pain. Aggressive Behavior Essay Examples.

Aggressive Behavior Equals Many Rewards in the Story of a Young Basketball Player. words. 1 page. Does Violence on Television Cause Aggressive Behavior?

1, words. 4 pages. An Analysis of the Effect of Viewing Television Violence on Childhood Aggresssion. Feb 13,  · Article on Jack Wolfinger, 6-footinch high school basketball player who has moved from Portland, Oregon, to Redding, Conn, where he lives with suburban family of Todd and Wendy Kaufman and.

in a basketball game, the star player scored 3 times as many points as the average score of the 9 other players. what fraction of the points scored by the entire team did the star. Basketball is another athletic event that rewards aggressive behavior.

Although basketball seems harmless, it is a sport that requires a tremendous amount of aggressive behavior. When I was younger, before basketball game I would always get a pep talk from my dad.

Aggressive behavior equals many rewards in the story of a young basketball player
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